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If you’ve ended up here, you may have heard about a relatively new concept called vinyl wrapping for kitchens.

Whether you know nothing about it at all, or you’ve watched every video on ourYouTube channelon how to do it yourself, we are here to talk you through the benefits of vinyl wrapping and how it should be done.

Benefits of vinyl wrapping for kitchens

Before diving into the benefits (and there are a lot) let us explain what vinyl wrapping actually is!

Vinyl wrapping is the process of using self-adhesive architectural film to cover a surface, in this case, your kitchen. We use film to cover most surfaces including furniture, walls, doors, countertops and cupboards.

Now that you understand the basics of vinyl wrapping, let’s get into the benefits of vinyl wrapping for kitchens.

Design Choices

With the right installation, vinyl wrapping can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen.

We offer hundreds of designs to suit any taste and only install the highest quality vinyl covering for cupboards and the exterior of your kitchen.

Along with all the solid colours you could think of, we’ve also fitted concrete effect kitchens and wood grains, so no matter what your aesthetic, you can rest assured that we have a design for you!

Installation Time

If you search ‘vinyl wrapping for kitchens’ on Facebook, you will no doubt find someone who can wrap an entire kitchen in less than 45 seconds with the time in between to drink a brew.

Don’t get me wrong, vinyl wrapping is a fast process. But it usually won’t take less than a day to cover kitchen cupboards.

Our average installation time is 1-2 days. It’s significantly faster than ripping out and replacing a whole kitchen, but if you’ve used vinyl wrapping to give your kitchen a makeover and it’s taken a couple of hours, the finish is more than likely not up to scratch.

The minute we’ve wrapped your surface you’re good to go! No need to wait until glue or paint has dried. You can use the new surface as soon as our team have finished.

No Mess, Quiet Installation

If you’ve ever had a new kitchen fitted, you will know you’re in for sawdust and racket amongst other things. Choosing vinyl wrapping for your kitchen instead means that the only mess we make goes straight into a bag for recycling.

Trust us, sawdust is like glitter. You’d be finding it for weeks after the job is completed.

Your kitchen is still fully functional while we work and as we only need to use power tools when taking off your kitchen cupboards, if you’re still working from home, you can still attend Zoom meetings without the background noise.

Environmentally Friendly

If you like to watch your carbon footprint, you won’t enjoy the thought of a whole kitchen making its way to a landfill when all it needs is a makeover.

It is important to us as a company to make sure we are eco-friendly wherever possible. Thousands of cabinets and furniture items are thrown out every year, often because they are outdated. The beauty of vinyl wrapping kitchens is that as long as the cupboards are not damaged beyond repair, they can be updated time and time again to fit with whatever kitchen trends are popular.

Our films are eco-friendly, being heavy metal free and using 100% phthalate-free plasticisers. We’re doing our bit for the world, you can do your bit by just using a company like ours!

Vinyl wrapping kitchens leave no waste and even the backing paper is recycled afterwards, making it the greener choice in comparison to replacement.


Even before the price of timber (and life in general) rocketed to all-time highs, vinyl wrapping your kitchen leaves you with way more in your back pocket than replacing.

Did you know that in 2020, the demand for kitchen renovations soared by 24%?

We averaged it out at around 60% cheaper. But now, it could be more.

Something that’s important to stress is that it’s not cheap. It’s cheaper. As a guide, you generally won’t be looking at less than £500 if you decide to get your kitchen wrapped with us.

Is Vinyl Wrapping Durable?

We’ve wrapped enough kitchens to vouch for the durability of vinyl wrapping. Again, this comes down in part to the installation. We wrap around the back of your cupboard doors to give extra security against the vinyl peeling back as it won’t get caught on your fingers every time you open the door.

The other test of durability lies with what kind of vinyl is being installed. Simply put, the vinyl we install is architectural (or interior) film rather than sign vinyl that you can buy off eBay for less than the cost of a second-class stamp!

If you decide to go down the route of vinyl wrapping your kitchen, ask the company for the brand of vinyl they are using and Google it. If it’s an architectural film – high quality, and therefore durable – you’ll struggle to find a price for it.

The architectural film we use is predominantly from LX Hausys(previously LG, the people who make everything from TV’s to fridges). We can confidently recommend their vinyl for kitchens as it has been Taber tested for its scratch resistance and most designs come with an antibacterial layer to boot. We do offer other brands, Coverstyl and 3M which are both under the umbrella of architectural film too.

Just look at the image below to see what Fusion vinyl wrapping for kitchens looks like!

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping For Kitchens - Fusion Surfaces (1)

How Long Does Vinyl Wrapping Last?

If you’re wondering how long vinyl wrapping for kitchens lasts, the adhesive on the back will last a minimum of 7-10 years, although it is usually much longer.

Chances are that you will get bored of your current style and want to upgrade it before your vinyl wrap begins to decrease in quality!

Cleaning vinyl on kitchen cupboards is exactly the same as you would normally do so. There shouldn’t be any discolouration to your vinyl-wrapped cupboards using household cleaning products.

What Can Affect Durability?

Vinyl wrapping is durable, but not indestructible. The durability of vinyl wrapping on worktops will depend entirely on how well you look after it. Worktops are high-traffic areas and are subject to sharp knives and hot pans.

If you’re careful not to put a pan straight from the hob and onto vinyl and to use a chopping board with sharp knives, all will be well. Those who can’t commit to this should consider getting replacement worktops or understand that their vinyl wrapping may have a lower lifespan.

Who can benefit from kitchen vinyl wrapping?

Anybody looking for a kitchen upgrade on a budget can benefit from using vinyl wrapping. Our clients in this area have been between 20 and 70 years old, wanting designs from matte black and marble to concrete and stone effects.There is no age limit on giving your kitchen a new lease of life!

Many of the kitchen trends you’ll find on Pinterest and Instagram can be colour matched by us. Whilst we measure up, you can browse through the sample books and we can recommend different designs that have worked well for our other customers.

If your kitchen can’t be wrapped, we will tell you it can’t be done. Sometimes kitchens are beyond repair and really can’t experience a vinyl wrapping makeover. The finish is only as good as the surface underneath.

Vinyl wrapping for kitchens – top tips

When considering vinyl wrapping for your kitchen, there are a few top tips to watch out for:

  • Check that the vinyl being used is good quality
  • Ensure you choose a reputable company
  • If you are attempting to vinyl wrap your own kitchen, ensure your attention to detail is up to standard for a perfect finish.

We would recommend instructing a company with previous experience in wrapping kitchens as attention of detail and expert skills can dramatically affect the durability and lifespan of your kitchen wrap.

And for anything else you might need to know, drop us an email on with some photos of your kitchen and we will get back to you. We can provide an estimate from photographs and will arrange a site survey if the cost is within your budget.

Or, click here to contact us via our website!

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