Med Beds and Tesla Med Bed Technology (2022)

Med Beds and Tesla Med Bed Technology
Med bed” technology making its way to the public

Med Bed technology that is available now, There is a new term being introduced to the medical world and that is “med bed” or “med beds“. Med beds traditionally were a slang term for a “medical bed” however, that is changing fast and there are now new “med-beds” that claim to be able to heal just about anything or greatly aid in patient recovery. The “new” term for med bed however is in relation to supposed “space age” technology being
used in top secret programs which boasts to do miraculous things for the people that have access to them. These types of experiences and technologies are talked about in many online videos and below we are featuring many cutting edge technology products that fit in that type of category. Contact us direct for more information and read more about some of
these products below. Phone (858)-652-1259 or

Tesla Plasma Rejuvenation Med Bed Technology

Although the new space age “med beds” being spoken about from various media outlets as “healing pods” are not out yet to the general public although there are many Tesla and other new health technologies now out that are changing how people can treat disease and other medical issues. Many of these are anti aging healing type products that can be added to the purchase of a hospital bed. Since there is a lot of information coming out on “med beds” we are dedicating a page on our hospital bed site to talk about this and showcase healing technology now available.

Anti aging bed covers with nano FAR infrared, silver and grounding technology
now being purchased with hospital beds for healing and recovery.

New Plasma Sphere Wave Generator – Plasma “Med Bed”
Technology for Home Use

The new Plasma Energy Spheres can run up to 100 frequency codes to address all types of health issues and health benefits. These spheres run on an app with an iPad or iPhone and
can send energy into specific parts of the body and also help generate energy in the body and much more. These can be used in spa’s, homes and clinics and are easy to set up and use. This is an excellent technology product that falls into the “med bed” technology category being that it is creating a plasma energy field. The body’s aura is a plasma energy field so in addition to working on specific parts of the body it also can charge the aura and energy fields in the body. Click Plasma Energy Sphere’s for more information.

Plasma Energy Sphere Med Bed Technology

New Terahertz Frequency Wand – Affordable “Med Bed” Style Technology using light frequency blue light and FAR Infrared light. See more information below.

Terahertz Wand Models

See the video below for more information on this new cutting edge technology health product that uses FAR Infrared light and blue light to help restore cells to their original
structure and remove bad cells. See Terahertz Wand video and see how powerful this
hand held device is which also uses Quantum technology.

Terahertz Frequency Wand – this unit uses blue light and FAR infrared light to energize cells, detoxify cells, remove cells, improve skin and more. For more information including
more videos and photos click Terahertz Wand resources.

Terahertz Wand Models New 7.0 wand and 6.0 wand

Tesla Plasma Chamber Light Frequency Technology Demo Photo

(Video) Tesla Med Bed Technology and Health and Wellness Products Store

Med beds from space programs are not available yet however hospital beds or medical beds with Tesla light frequency technology products, grounding – earthing products and anti aging product technology is available and is now an option to add on to your hospital bed purchase. We are now providing many state of the art health and wellness products to
assist patients in their recovery and mitigate health issues.

Plasma Energy Water – Living Water Infused with Plasma Energy – one of the best and least expensive ways to get plasma energy into the body and your living environment.
Take a plasma energy vial and place it on a larger container and it will transfer plasma energy into the larger container for life! You can drink Plasma energy water and also
spray it on clothes, around the home to create a plasma energy field and assist with all types of health issues.

Plasma Energy Water Overview Video

Learn more about the benefits of plasma energy water at the link below
Plasma Energy Water click here

See some of the med bed and Tesla healing products below

Anti Aging Bed Cover – grounding – earthing and nano biotechnology using FAR infrared now for sale

Anti Aging Bed Cover – grounding – earthing and nano biotechnology using FAR infrared now for sale. Being grounded or earthing can be done by also using medical anti aging bed covers and sheets which plug into the grounding plug in a wall outlet. By adding this feature to a hospital bed purchase or just buying these products alone is a huge step for helping people mitigate and improve their health. This includes people with heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain and much much more. Sounds simple and it is however it is super powerful and now available to the general public in the form of portable carry towel size grounding sheets, blankets and more. We are now offering these items to our customers who purchase hospital beds to help them heal and recover faster from ailments they are dealing with. See more information below.

Anti aging bed cover Tesla healing coils photo

What Are The Benefits Of Earthing and Grounding That The Anti Aging
Bed Covers Provide?

(Video) ZAP-X Deutsch

See the benefits of “earthing and grounding” in the videos above and below. The anti aging bed covers provide earthing and grounding technology along with FAR infrared light.

For people looking to buy hospital beds we can now offer a grounding option to help the body heal and increase optimal health. The video clip above is a documentary on earthing and grounding and provides a host of medical information and documentation on the powerful effects of grounding and earthing.

Med Bed healing technology that is available now – this is the future

What Are “Med Beds” and When Will “Med Bed” Technology Be Out?
This is an excellent question and one I get a lot which normally is asking about the med beds used in various space programs and black budget programs that use very advanced healing technology for many secret black ops programs. As of the day this blog is being written the mass roll out of high tech med bed pods that can heal anything, regenerate parts of the body and a host of other functions has not happened on earth. These high tech med beds are thought to be coming sometime soon however, there are many patients and people with serious illnesses and diseases that are looking for relief now.

The “earthing” and “grounding” technology as simple as it is provides a powerful start to the mitigating of health issues. It is up to the individual who is ill to do the research and put the technology to use asap with very simple grounding sheets, Tesla Plasma and other Tesla Coils etc.. Since we are dealing with patients on a daily basis with ALS, MS, quadriplegic, paraplegic, serious accidents, broken hips etcetera we are now offering these health technology products. Below are some other “med bed” type technologies derived from Nikola Tesla which are also being offered including the “Tesla Plasma Chamber“.

Tesla “Med Bed Technology Products Designed to Help Heal the Body –

Tesla Healing paddles photo

Tesla Healing Paddles – The Tesla Healing Paddles provide a concentrated pattern of electricity which stimulates the cells and helps them recharge, regenerate and detoxify.
The Tesla Healing paddles are ideal for helping pain and discomfort points and also helping to stimulate the internal organs of the body making them more productive and raising the bodies energy levels. This Tesla healing technology is not just helping humans but is also being used in the agricultural industry to help grow plants and trees.

Tesla Ozone Ray being used in person demo

Tesla Ozone Ray -The Tesla Ozone Ray is a hand help device that emits a violet purple electrical ray that sends concentrated energy to the body. Much like the Tesla Healing Coils the Tesla Ozone Ray also send energy to the body that helps stimulate the cells and help regenerate and detoxify. This handheld electrical device was developed by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago and can also be referred to as a “med bed” type of technology.

Tesla Plasma Chamber Healing Technology Demo Photo

(Video) Star Citizen 3.8.1b PTU - MEDICAL BEDS WORK!

Tesla Plasma Chamber The Tesla Plasma Chamber is perhaps one of the most powerful healing technologies now available to the public and one of the many technologies discussed by people familiar with space age med beds. The Tesla Plasma Chamber is called a “chamber” because it can fill a small room with the light frequency energy which is omitted from a desk top electrical device. The Tesla Plasma Chamber is able to program the light frequency or wave lengths to match the exact part of the body which needs special attention. The “plasma” is in the air or ether and is what transmits the light frequency energy and thus signifies the name of “Tesla Plasma Chamber“. This Tesla Plasma Chamber device also can help with PTSD and a host of other psychological and physical ailments. This device has a limited production distribution limit and although it is available for sale is being offered to people and businesses that can make it accessible to patients for free use. Contact us below for more information.

Med Bed Technology Products

Yes the space age med bed see through clear plastic pods from the various space age programs might now be here yet but if you resource the healing technology and information on this page from a high variety of sources and medical studies has shown that there are healing technologies here now and much more coming down the pipeline.
Getting “grounded” or earthing whether you physically touch the ground or get products presented here like the anti again bed cover or portable grounding towels is the first and easiest items to start with. That is why we are now offering these grounding sheets, portable carry grounding towels and more. Review products and prices below and also a host of more videos and resources to further explore and educate yourself on things you can do and products you can get to go with a hospital bed or mattress to help you heal.

Med Bed and Nikola Tesla Healing Products and Prices

Anti aging grounding sheets with nano FAR infrared and silver price ranges from
$695 – $1,295 depending on the size of the sheet cover.

Tesla Healing Coils with parasite removal tool price = $1,395

Terahertz Frequency Wand $495 * limited time offer

Tesla Ozone Ray price = $1,295 *

Tesla Plasma Chamber price = $16,995 single tube / $21,500 double tube*
Single tube can run one frequency – dual tube can run up to 4 frequency’s
at the same time

Plasma Sphere Wave Generators $3,500 * includes app – does not include iPhone

Buy – Order Med Bed and Tesla Med Bed Related Products
Order these med bed products by calling 858-652-1259
or email us at

(Video) Arjo – Medical Bed – IndiGo demonstration video

Med Beds Hyperbaric med bed technology

Tesla Plasma Chamber demonstration

Tesla Ozone Ray demonstration

Tesla Healing Coils demonstration

Have questions about med beds, med bed technology or Tesla healing products?
Contact us below and we will be happy to assist you with this and some good hospital bed – medical bed models to go with the med bed products.

Tesla Med Bed and Health and Wellness Technology Products

Buy – Order Med Bed and Tesla Med Bed Related Products
Order these med bed products by calling 858-652-1259
or email us at

Med Beds and Tesla Technology Links and Resources

Tesla Plasma Chamber Med Bed

Terahertz Frequency Wand Device

More Med Bed and Frequency, Light and Plasma Based Technology Products


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